Manual for the Run utility


       run - start programs with hidden console window

       Note: This utility is not part of Project Xming but is compatible with it.


       run [ -p path ] command [ -wait ] arguments

       runcommand [ -p path ] [ -wait ] arguments


       Windows  programs  are  either  GUI programs or console programs (CUI).
       When  started console, programs  will  either  attach  to  an  existing
       console or create a new one. GUI programs can never attach to an exist-
       ing console. There is no way to attach to an existing console, but hide
       it, if started as GUI program.

       run will do this for you. It works as intermediate and starts a program
       but makes the console window hidden. This is especially useful for cre-
       ating  desktop  shortcuts  and using plink (a CUI program) for starting
       remote clients.

       With -p path you can add path to the PATH environment  variable.   Note
       that the  %PATH% separator  has been changed to Command Processor style,
       i.e. ';' not ':', in the Windows version of run.

       Issuing -wait as first program  argument will make run wait for program
       completion, otherwise it returns immediately.

       The  second  variant  is  for   creating wrappers. If the executable is
       named runcommand (e.g. rename run.exe to runxeyes.exe),  run  will  try
       to start the program (e.g. xeyes).


       run -p "C:\Program Files\Xming" xeyes

       In a batch file...
       @echo off
       SET DISNO=2
       run xeyes -display :%DISNO%

       and another batch file...
       @echo off
       set path=C:\Program Files\Xming;%path%
       run plink -load colin konsole --ls


       Charles S. Wilson

       Harold L Hunt II

       Jehan Bing

       Alexander Gottwald

       Colin Harrison

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