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A site used by me to experiment (and play!) with web technologies on a LAMP system (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl/PHP), via a firewall (netfilter-iptables). I use it also to indulge a passion for skiing and inform friends of events... holidays, walks and drinks.
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What's new
The Xming X Server for Microsoft Windows®.
Click to enter Project Xming
I have contrast balanced various scanned slide photos to make them look better on my web pages.
Site-wide style changes and toolbar additions to picture indexes.
Thumbnail selection pictures randomised.
Predator traps added (to nobble rogue search engine's mail harvesting).
Select the thumbnail pictures to enter the new Chamonix Ski Trip Photo Gallery or the normal Ski Photo Gallery...
Click to enter Chamonix Ski Trip Photo Gallery and show picture full size.  Click to enter Ski Photo Gallery and show picture full size.
Search engine re-coded.
Walks Photo Gallery created. Select the thumbnail picture to enter the gallery and show the picture full size...
Click to enter Walks Photo Gallery and show picture full size.
Statistics section revamped to be more comprehensive.

Additions not in navigable sections...
Madrid Trip Photo Gallery, password protected, ask for access.
Project Xming X Server for Microsoft Windows.

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